Centervue® DRSplus

Innovating a Higher Standard in Retinal Imaging

DRSplus confocal fundus imaging system by CENTERVUE uses white LED illumination to produce TrueColor and detail-rich images, setting a new effective and efficient standard of Retinal Imaging.

Confocal imaging is well known in ophthalmology as standard of high image quality. The main characteristic of confocality is to reduce or suppress any scattered or reflected light outside the focal plane.

Thanks to this feature, DRSplus guarantees increased image sharpness, better optical resolution and greater contrast when compared to traditional fundus camera imaging.

More over, the system uses a white light LED source, which includes the entire visible spectrum, to illuminate the retina and to capture TrueColor fundus images characterized by colours close to reality.

Centervue® DRSplus Key Features:

  • TrueColor Confocal Technology
  • Different Imaging Modalities
  • The minimum pupil size
  • Fast and Fully Automated Operations
  • The Mosaic Function
  • The Remote Viewer

TrueColor Confocal Technology

TrueColor Confocal Technology with white LED, promotes detailed 45° retinal images and allows to scan through cataract, for accurate diagnosis.

Different Imaging Modalities

CENTERVUE DRSplus, in addition to TrueColor images, provides Red-Free, Blue and Red images of the retina. The system is able to capture external eye images and stereo view of ONH as well. Live IR supports during the images acquisition.

High resolution Red-Free filtering allows DRSplus to enhance the visualization of retina vasculature, Blue images provide improved view of the Nerve Fiber Layer, the Red channel penetrates in the deeper layers, towards the choroid. External Eye imaging allows for documentation of eye surface and cornea conditions. Stereo Viewer Technology creates improved 3D perception of the disc.

The minimum pupil size

DRSplus Confocal Technology permits imaging through pupils as small as 2.5 mm, speeding up the examination time while ensuring a comfortable patient experience.

DRSplus Non-myd capability makes fundus acquisition far more patient-friendly, by eliminating the need of dilating drops and dark environments. This also helps eliminating the wait for the pupil to dilate, with further benefits for the patient and saving time for the practitioner and office staff.


Fast and Fully Automated Operations

Fast Fully Automated operation requires minimal staff training to acquire the highest quality images, speeding up the examination time.

Fully-Auto capabilities, including Auto-Alignment, Auto-Focus, Auto-Exposure, Auto-Capture and Auto-Montage, make DRSplus the perfect Retinal Imaging System to fit needs of efficiency and time-saving. At the same time, the device is designed to optimize patient comfort during the exam, allowing for the improvement of workflows.

The Mosaic Function

CENTERVUE DRSplus mosaic license automatically combines different retinal fields without any user intervention, creating retinal panoramic views up to 80°.

Remote Viewer

DRSplus Remote Viewer is a browser-based software license that allows for reviewing from any network computer on the same local area network (LAN), with password protection.

DRSplus offers embedded capabilities for network connectivity, for remote data review.
Remote Viewer enables dynamic viewing of DRSplus fundus images in your exam room or other remote location. In particular, it allows a detailed analysis of data in your office, facilitates patients’ education and enables data access on multiple review stations.


Innovating a Higher Standard in Retinal Imaging


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