News / 04.23.2018

2017 Ophthalmic Tech – Southeast Region Runners-Up

Ashley Rone, COA
Carolina Ophthalmology
Chapel Hill, NC

Ashley Rone, COA, was one of the top 5 technicians in the Southeast region. “Rone’s clinical skills are exemplary. She is able to successfully work up all patients with any complaint and any type of visit. She also has a bright personality and a smile on her face every day”, says Rebecca Rivenbark, who nominated Rone for the award. “Her peers not only learn from her clinical expertise, they see how to help and treat others in our practice.”


Hasseena Shelton, COA
Ophthalmic Consultants
Sarasota, FL

Hasseena Shelton, COA, has been recognized in the 2017 Outstanding Ophthalmic Technician Awards. Shelton, who was nominated by Connie Stoddard, was in the top 5 for the Southeast region. “She has a way of teaching without belittling, correcting mistakes without negativity and making everyone feel at ease”, said Stoddard. “She is one of the most capable technicians that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”


Mark Erickson, COMT, CRA
The Macula Center
Clearwater, FL

Mark Erickson, COMT, CRA, has been recognized in the top 5 of the Southeast region. Erikson, who was nominated by Chris Knobbe, MD, has mentored scores of other ophthalmic technicians in clinic settings and has taught classes on ophthalmic photography and retinal angiography to hundreds of his colleagues. “Mark Erickson has tremendous knowledge and skill as an ophthalmic technician,” says Dr. Knobbe. Erickson is also an accomplished ophthalmic illustrator whose work has been published worldwide.


Mary Katherine Ralston, COT
Wake Forest Baptist Health Eye Center

Winston-Salem, NC

Mary Katherine Ralston, COT, was nominated by Sharon Simon in the 2017 Outstanding Ophthalmic Technician Awards. Ralston was in the top 5 in the Southeast region. “Mary Katherine is a role model on a daily basis to the other 19 techs that work at our main office.’, says Simon. “She leads by example and is always willing to stop and help a fellow co-worker.”