News / 04.30.2018

2017 Ophthalmic Tech – Midwest Region Runners-Up

Amy Jost, COMT
Cincinnati Eye Institute
Cincinnati, OH

Amy Jost, COMT, was recognized as one of the top 5 technicians in the Midwest region. Jost’s passion for the field and for those she mentors is an inspiration to those around her. “It is a wonderful thing to be able to watch her passion spill over to others, including myself,” says Stephani Lykins, who nominated Jost. “She motivates me and inspires me to be a better ophthalmic technician.”


Cassie Doster, COA
Commonwealth Eye Surgery

Lexington, KY

Cassie Doster, COA, who was nominated by Zak Evans, was recognized in the top 5 in the Midwest region. Patients love Doster’s demeanor and expertly crafted analogies that give them a solid understanding of how their eyes work and why certain tests are necessary for their evaluation. “She always makes sure to thoroughly explain her thought process, in addition to how to perform the duty, so her techs know the ‘why’ and not just how.”


Tracy Kuhlman, COT
Dean McGee Eye Institute
Oklahoma City, OK

Tracy Kuhlman, COT, has been recognized in the top 5 in the Midwest region. Kuhlman, who was nominated by Kellie Meiwes, is known for her experience and high standards. No question is too big small or too simple—she’s always there to advise. “I hope I can be just like her—positive and kind,” says Meiwes who has been mentored by Kuhlman since 2005 and is now a trainer herself.


Sarah Melton, COA
The Eye Center
Fayetteville, AR

Sarah Melton, COA, has been recognized in the Midwest region in the 2017 Outstanding Ophthalmic Technician Awards and was in the top 5. “Sarah is extremely knowledgeable and diverse,” says James Melton, who nominated Sarah for the award. “She has a caring, personable demeanor that encourages her patients to open up to her and to trust her.”